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October 2017 Archives

How patients can protect themselves against medical errors

Arizona residents may be aware of a neighboring state's efforts to curb hospital errors. Hundreds of hospitals have been publicly shamed through news releases that describe details of medical and surgical errors that have happened in California. But the rates of medical errors in that state have not reduced significantly since this shaming system has been in place. Across the country, medical errors are still a significant problem, so patient advocates have advised patients to be prepared to protect themselves when seeking medical treatment.

Reckless use of labor-inducing drugs linked to birth injuries

The impending birth of a new family member is an exciting time for Arizona parents, but the process always carries with it elements of risk for the mother and infant. Although medical personnel generally strive to produce healthy outcomes, physicians sometimes fail to think through the consequences of inducing labor with drugs. The administration of oxytocin, Pitocin or prostaglandin during your birth could have been the step that deprived your infant of oxygen or led to your unnecessary C-section surgery or uterine rupture.

Jury says obstetrician negligent in birth injury case

Arizona residents may be interested in the details of a medical malpractice case that involved a birth injury. A mother has been awarded $3 million on behalf of her now 9-year-old son after a jury decided that the obstetrician who delivered him is responsible for nerve damage that partially paralyzed the boy's right arm.

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