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Reckless use of labor-inducing drugs linked to birth injuries

The impending birth of a new family member is an exciting time for Arizona parents, but the process always carries with it elements of risk for the mother and infant. Although medical personnel generally strive to produce healthy outcomes, physicians sometimes fail to think through the consequences of inducing labor with drugs. The administration of oxytocin, Pitocin or prostaglandin during your birth could have been the step that deprived your infant of oxygen or led to your unnecessary C-section surgery or uterine rupture.

The desire to speed up a birth might have motivated your physician to induce labor with drugs. When a labor-inducing drug fails to trigger sufficient contractions to fully dilate the cervix, then a physician might then insist on a C-section. In some cases, women undergo this surgery solely because of the interference caused by the drug injections. Other maternal problems associated with labor-induction drugs include excessive bleeding and even a dangerous uterine rupture.

Labor-induction drugs also pose risks to infants. Your child might have been born prematurely because of the choice to induce labor too early, or the drugs caused too many contractions that lowered your child's heart rate during the birth. An umbilical cord sliding into the birth canal represents another risk of labor-induction drugs because of the potential to constrict your infant's oxygen supply.

Our legal team could evaluate the circumstances of your situation to see if medical malpractice might have occurred. We are familiar with the high legal standards that must be met in this type of a lawsuit. We could organize the medical records and consult independent medical professionals to gain testimony supportive of your claim for damages. If you would like to learn more about the services that we might be able to provide, you are invited to visit our page on these types of birth injuries.

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