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Medical mistakes that could be harmful

There are a number of mistakes that medical professionals might make that could harm Arizona patients. In one case, doctors nearly operated on the wrong patient who had the same name as the patient needing surgery. A surgery can also go wrong if a surgeon operates on the right patient but the wrong site or if a foreign object is left in the patient.

Another potential error is removing a breathing tube too soon after surgery. On the other hand, a urinary catheter might be left in too long and result in an infection. Infections may also happen when medical professionals wearing latex gloves wash their hands less frequently, possibly because they do not know that some germs can penetrate the gloves. A ventilator can spread an infection as well.

The wrong dosage was fatal for one child in Ohio whose doctor miscalculated a dose of medicine for chemotherapy. Some patients may be prescribed the wrong medication while some doctors may overdiagnose and overtreat patients. On the other hand, one woman died of lung cancer after a doctor dismissed her symptoms as depression and anxiety. Other possible doctor errors include confusing a feeding tube with a chest tube and allowing air bubbles into a patient's blood. The likelihood of errors may be increased by crowded emergency rooms and medical professionals who do not question doctors' bad advice.

A patient who suffers harm as a result of a health care professional's mistake may want to consider filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Besides harm, another element that must be in place for a successful outcome is that the person must not have received a reasonable standard of care. An attorney will attempt to demonstrate this through a review of the patient's medical records and the obtaining of opinion testimony from one or more medical experts.

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