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February 2018 Archives

Preventing the misdiagnosis of cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection that's difficult for Arizona doctors to diagnose. The only evidence that doctors can go by is the look of the affected area (red skin that's tender) and the symptoms that the patient reports. There is another condition called pseudocellulitis because it mimics the symptoms of cellulitis. All too often, doctors mistake one for the other.

What to know about duct bile injuries

It is believed that bile duct injuries may occur in up to 1 percent of gallbladder surgeries conducted in Arizona and elsewhere in America. If the bile duct is injured, it may lead to a structure caused by scarring that narrows the duct. Symptoms of a bile duct injury may be felt either immediately after a procedure or many months after it takes place.

Parents to receive $42 from federal government

Children in Arizona or elsewhere who are injured at birth may have special needs for the rest of their lives. One boy in Pennsylvania is likely to need a motorized wheelchair later in life because of how forceps were used in his delivery. The child is currently five-years-old and is unable to speak, read or write. His parents won a $42 million judgment in a claim made against the federal government.

Overmedication: a widespread issue in U.S. nursing homes

A report from Human Rights Watch has shown that many nursing homes are using antipsychotic drugs on their residents as a chemical restraint, often without the informed consent of the residents or their family. Anyone in Arizona who has an elderly loved one in a nursing home should be aware of this widespread trend. Some families report that their loved ones lost their personalities or suffered from increased anxiety because of overmedication.

Understanding Erb's palsy in infants

Parents in Arizona may be interested in information about Erb's palsy, a rare birth defect that affects arm movement. The condition, which affects one or two out of every 1,000 infants, is often caused by stretching during a difficult delivery. Medical intervention is rarely necessary, and most infants recover arm feeling and movement within two years.

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