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April 2018 Archives

Virtual reality could help reduce surgical errors

Surgical errors can be a major fear when people in Arizona enter the hospital for treatment. Despite the knowledge and skill of surgeons, procedures can be complex and involve new and innovative medical devices. Many manufacturers of medical devices are urging greater use of virtual training and education about their products in order both to minimize liability and maximize positive patient outcome. There are various virtual reality software systems that exist primarily to give surgeons virtual hands-on experience with some of the newest medical technologies.

Surgical errors may happen and cause injuries

When Arizona residents are scheduled for surgery, they often worry about how the procedures will go. One issue that might cross their minds is the possibility that their medical teams might make medical mistakes. While surgery in the U.S. is considered to be safe, medical errors sometimes happen. Medical mistakes that do happen may have devastating consequences for the victims.

Your unborn child could be at risk of a birth injury

In general, a birth injury is the result of a trauma that occurs during the birth process. Some of the most common birth injuries include cerebral palsy, Erb's Palsy and even brain damage. Sometimes, these injuries are unavoidable but in other cases, they occur due to doctor or hospital staff error, or negligence.

Getting a mitochondrial disease diagnosis

Mitochondria are intercellular pockets that create over 90 percent body's energy. A projected 75,000 people living in Arizona and the rest of the United States have genetic conditions that stem from mitochondria failures. The results of new study show that people who receive their diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, which is a genetic disorder, endure a difficult and protracted time of misdiagnoses.

Worse patient care follows hospital data breaches

The risks of hospital data breaches for patients in Arizona can go beyond the threats to privacy. In fact, a researcher at Vanderbilt University says that more than 2,100 patients die each year in relation to hospital data breaches. Because these types of security problems lead to litigation, investigations and inquiries, hospital services can be diverted from patient care to rectifying issues caused by the breach.

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