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May 2018 Archives

Diagnosing preeclampsia during pregnancy

While many Arizona women experience a normal pregnancy with no major complications, others may experience dangerous or even life-threatening complications that could have an impact on both the mother and baby. One of these conditions is preeclampsia, which affects the mother's blood pressure and increases protein in her urine.

Diagnostic errors are costly and dangerous

While many Arizona patients turn to their physicians for important insights and treatment decisions to improve their health, doctor errors can present a significant risk to a patient's well-being. Doctors often have an aura of genius and confidence, and many patients may be unaware of the potential for mistakes in any physician's practice. Diagnostic issues can be one of the most important types of mistake a doctor can make, especially when the diagnosis of a progressive disease like cancer is missed or delayed.

Unauthorized HIV disclosure and medical malpractice

Doctor errors and mistakes can have a serious impact on the treatment and well-being of patients in Arizona and across the country. This can be the case whether the error in question is a surgical mistake, a misdiagnosis or an unlawful disclosure of a patient's health status. Despite the serious effects of medical malpractice that can stretch over the long term, there is a statute of limitations that restricts the period of time in which injured patients can file a claim.

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