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A minor brain injury can stop your career in its tracks

Your ability to provide for yourself and for those who depend on you relies on your ability to make the most of your skills, judgement and mental abilities. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that even a small blow to the head can produce symptoms that may affect all of these areas, potentially ruining your career and jeopardizing your ability to find work elsewhere.

Mild traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are far more common than you might realize, and can occur even in instances when you don't believe that you suffered a severe blow to the head, or may not remember a blow to the head at all. This is particularly common in victims of car accidents, who do not always register impact to their head because these accidents are often disorienting.

Whether you remember suffering a blow to the head or not, you should certainly go see a properly trained and certified medical professional after any car accident, to make sure that you do not have any injuries that don't yet cause pain, including a brain injury. Doing so may help you avoid months of painful recovery you could otherwise avoid. You may identify a brain injury before its symptoms wreak havoc on your personal and professional life.

Mild TBIs and personality changes

Any sufficient injury to your brain may disrupt its normal function, like lightly scrambling an egg. Even slight disruptions can create intense symptoms, such as headaches that won't go away or sudden bouts of nausea. In some instances, you even experience seizures.

However, these symptoms are at least useful in identifying your injury. Other symptoms do not always seem related to an injury at all, such as changes to your personality and cognitive abilities.

For instance, many victims find that they simply cannot focus on a task for more than a few minutes without great frustration, often followed by uncharacteristic outbursts, often lashing out at others. To those who witness or receive this behavior, it can seem as though you are merely having a very bad day and handling it poorly. In reality, your brain may not have the ability to function properly and may express that disfunction through these outbursts.

Cognitive changes

Not only may your personality change because of a mild TBI, such an injury may also impact your ability to understand written and verbal communication. It is common for a mild TBI to result in misunderstandings of contextual meaning, leading victims to wildly misinterpret sentences that others understand clearly.

If you cannot communicate clearly and often lose your temper while completing a task, you may find it difficult to hold on to your job. Do everything you can to protect your future and your livelihood by addressing any blow to the head with professional medical care as soon as possible. Inform your employer and coworkers of your condition if a doctor determines that you did suffer a brain injury.

In some instances, you may have grounds to file a personal injury claim because of your TBI. If so, be sure that you have all the guidance and tools that you need to make a full recovery and protect your rights and employment along the way.

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