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Common errors in medical settings

According to studies, medical errors may lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year. There are a number of different types that Arizona patients might be harmed by.

Giving the wrong dosage or the wrong medication altogether is one common error. Some patients might be subject to unnecessary testing or to blood transfusions that are not needed, and these can increase the risk of infection or complications. There are other types of infections that may result from errors as well. Each day, around 1 in 25 people get infections from being in the hospital. Many of these happen because the hands of medical professionals are not clean enough. Central lines are another source of infection. Ventilator associated pneumonia is a particular danger for people who are in intensive care and can lead to death.

Anesthesia errors are among the most common surgical mistakes, but they can also be the deadliest. Such errors can also result in brain damage or the patient waking up during a procedure. Other errors can also happen during surgery including leaving objects behind in a patient and air embolisms. Misdiagnosis is another common medical error. Falls and other accidents that occur while a person is hospitalized are also common with around half a million happening annually.

Doctor errors may happen for various reasons, and not all of them are malpractice. For example, a misdiagnosis may occur before a doctor correctly diagnoses a particularly rare disease or one that does not present with the usual symptoms. For this reason, when deciding whether a case of medical malpractice has occurred, a court looks at whether the patient received a reasonable standard of care.

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