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July 2018 Archives

Doctor errors twice as likely for burned-out physicians

Patients in Arizona hospitals may have more to be concerned about when their doctors are burned out on the job. Unfortunately, a national survey suggests that over half of practicing physicians in American are burned out. One study of almost 6,700 doctors at clinics and hospitals found that these burned-out doctors are more likely to make medical errors when treating their patients. The study looked at workplace burnout, fatigue and depression among medical professionals and how these issues might affect treatment and workplace safety.

Surgical mistakes can lead to septic shock in patients

Surgeons are some of the most educated professionals in the world. They spend years in school learning how to safely perform life-saving operations for the people in their care. Patients generally trust them and their decisions. After all, this person is going to cut open your body and perform necessary procedures to improve your health.

Paralysis is difficult to cope with, but possible

Any spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis of some sort. The area below the impacted spot on the spinal column can be affected by a host of symptoms, including weakness, loss of sensation and paralysis. Regardless of the nature of the issue, which can stem from a motor vehicle accident or a severe birth injury, being unable to use the entire body in a normal manner can have considerable impacts on the victim's life.

4,000 eggs and embryos lost in hospital freezer malfunction

Arizona patients may be interested to learn that on July 3, it was reported that several families filed a lawsuit against a Cleveland hospital after a freezer housing more than 4,000 eggs and embryos malfunctioned. The cryopreservation system that the eggs and embryos were being housed in for more than 950 families malfunctioned in March.

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