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Causes and symptoms of infant brachial plexus injury

Neonatal brachial plexus palsy is a type of injury that infants may sustain during birth in an Arizona hospital. It is a type of shoulder injury that happens when the baby's shoulders are stretched in a head-first delivery or pulled to the side. It may also happen if the baby's arms are raised and pressure is placed on them in a breech delivery.

Symptoms are generally seen at birth or immediately after. They may include an arm that is held straight against the body, a decreased grip or a lack of movement in the hand or lower arm. The treatment for mild cases might be exercise and massage. More serious cases might be treated with surgery. The prognosis is poor for babies who do not recover within three to nine months. There may also be complications associated with the condition. These include muscle contractions or tightness. There may also be temporary or permanent paralysis.

Babies that are larger or breech are more likely to suffer from NBPP. Improved delivery techniques mean that it is less common than in the past. If a doctor anticipates a difficult delivery, a Caesarean section may be scheduled that reduces the likelihood of this type of injury although there are other injury risks associated with C-sections.

NBPP and other types of birth injuries may occur because of medical negligence. A medical professional might rush through a delivery or might not recognize a complication in time to take the appropriate precautions. A birth injury could result in a long period of recovery for the infant or could be life-changing. If a parent believes that a baby's injury has occurred because of medical malpractice, that parent might want to consult an attorney to see what recourse might be available.

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