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What causes cerebral palsy in newborn babies?

Cerebral palsy is a condition caused by abnormal brain development or a serious brain injury during the early development of a baby's cerebrum. The condition can be seriously disabling for those who suffer from it, as it can negatively affect the individual's ability to control the muscles of the body that are in charge of movement, posture and speech.

Cerebral palsy can occur naturally for unknown reasons during the development of the child, or it can happen as a result of doctor errors and birth injuries during pregnancy and delivery.

If your baby was born with cerebral palsy, it's important for you to rule out whether a doctor's mistake or medical negligence was the cause of your baby's condition. If it was, you may be able to obtain helpful financial compensation by filing a legal action to hold the responsible parties liable.

Here are the most commonly known causes of cerebral palsy in babies:

  • Asphyxia neonatorum: This relates to a deprivation of oxygen to the baby's brain during the delivery or labor process.
  • Gene mutations: Genetic defects and gene mutations can result in an abnormally developed brain structure.
  • Severe jaundice: If the infant is suffering from severe jaundice, this can also result in abnormal brain development and, subsequently, cerebral palsy.
  • Maternal viral infections: If the mother contracts herpes or German measles while pregnant, this can result in a baby being born with cerebral palsy.
  • Brain infections: Meningitis and encephalitis of the brain are common causes of cerebral palsy.
  • Intracranial hemorrhage: This involves serious bleeding into a baby's brain, which can happen due to a variety of causes -- and it is another known cause of cerebral palsy.
  • Head injuries caused by a car accident, falling and child abuse: Not all cerebral palsy cases happen as a result of a birth injury. This condition could also result from child abuse, falling or being involved in a motor vehicle crash.

No matter how you think it may have happened, the existence of cerebral palsy in your baby warrants a deeper investigation into the cause. In some cases, the family of a baby who has contracted this disabling health problem can pursue a cerebral palsy claim in court to obtain money that helps pay for the child's medical care and other lifelong needs.

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