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What mothers can do to prepare for childbirth

Most expecting parents will take the time to decorate the nursery or read parenting books before their new child arrives into the world. Often, the delivery itself is overlooked by new parents due to the excitement of parenting.

Luckily, preparing for the delivery can be relatively easy for most mothers. It only requires a few additional steps at home and working with an appropriate doctor to make labor easier on the mother. 

Five ways to prepare for the delivery room

  1. Take a birthing class – labor is a stressful experience for both mothers and newborns. Luckily, birthing classes prepare expecting moms how to manage pain, expectations and the labor process.  
  2. Prepare for birth at home – mothers will need to prepare their environment and their body for labor. For example, setting up a hospital bag with a birthing book, a birthing ball, change of clothes and any other necessities. Or mothers can perform pelvic stretches to help the stretching during labor.
  3. Find support – whether it’s a spouse, relative or doula, having support during delivery will help keep the mother safe and sane. A doula could be especially useful due to their medical knowledge of epidurals, C-sections, etc.
  4. Use a doctor that you trust – most women find a pediatrician as soon as they know they are pregnant. However, it’s crucial also to see a doctor who is experienced with labor and comforts you throughout the process. The right doctor can make labor a smoother experience.
  5. Listen to your instincts – many people offer advice to expecting mothers about how they should raise their child or what to do during labor. You should try to listen to what your body is saying. If you find you cannot bear the pain, receive an epidural. Or if you want to have a water birth, find a midwife to help you during the delivery.

Preparation often relieves expecting mothers of the stress of labor. However, there are surprises in the delivery room where your doctor may need to make a split decision about you or the baby. It makes it even more crucial to work with a healthcare professional you trust and will act in your best interests.

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