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May 2019 Archives

Study: Will wearable devices reduce pregnancy complications?

Technological advances impact every part of our lives. Applications help everything from how we choose a restaurant to how we navigate our commute to the office. These advances even play a role in health care, a role that will continue to grow.

Mother dies in childbirth, family sues: 2 lessons from their case

This was not her first delivery. The mother came to the hospital with plans to welcome her fourth baby into the family. Complications during the labor and delivery process led to excessive bleeding. Family and other medical experts accused the medical staff attending to the delivery of causing the bleeding and failing to properly manage the mother's injuries. As a result of these injuries, the mother died. Shortly after her death, the baby was born.

Study finds head circumference better gauge for C-section

Women who receive prenatal care expect their physician to watch for potential issues as their pregnancy progresses. This can include monitoring development of the fetus for triggers that may indicate the need for a cesarean section delivery (C-section) as opposed to traditional vaginal birth. A recent study found that physicians would be able to better predict the need for a C-section by using the fetus' head circumference, as opposed to estimated birthweight, to guide this decision.

Trauma: A Significant Risk For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a wonderful, complex thing. The idea that a human being can grow another human being in their womb never ceases to amaze. Many bodily processes take place to successfully develop the fetus and prepare a pregnant woman for giving birth. Unfortunately, there are also many things that can go wrong during a pregnancy, placing the life of the mother and child at risk. 

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