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Could your doctor predetermine the chances of birth injury?

Expecting a baby can be both exciting and scary. You might have various concerns about a healthy pregnancy, your birth plan and how you will raise your child.

Many times, expectant parents do not consider the dangers of childbirth. However, throughout the United States, there are injuries involved in a minimum of 2% of live births. But are you familiar with the conditions which may lead to traumatic birth injuries?

What is birth trauma?

Within the medical community, birth trauma refers to any non-congenital injuries, fractures or cuts sustained by an infant during the birthing process. These problems are quite common throughout developing nations.

However, large, healthy babies in the U.S. often require physician assistance to pass through the birth canal. In many cases, a doctor could injure an infant by using excessive force with forceps or their hands.

Common conditions which could cause birth injuries

Before delivering your baby, your doctor can work with you to develop a plan that is unique to your situation. While it is important to look forward to the best, your doctor should help you understand what to expect if a common cause of birth trauma is present during your pregnancy.

These conditions include:

  • Extended labor
  • An abnormal fetal position
  • Premature delivery
  • Difficulties during labor
  • The shape and size of your pelvis
  • Large infant (weighing more than eight pounds, 13 ounces)

If your doctor is attentive during your pregnancy, they can likely recognize the medical risks which could result in birth trauma for your newborn. However, depending on the type of injuries your newborn experiences, it may be possible to hold your doctor accountable for their lack of oversight and preventative measures.

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