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4ft of wire left in patient's body found ten years after surgery

A patient recently found over four feet of wire left in his body after a surgical procedure that he received over ten years ago. The patient received an angioplasty in 2005 and the surgeon failed to remove everything used during the procedure.

Wire used to guide procedure left behind, found ten years later

One of the things the doctor needed to complete the angioplasty was a catheter. The catheter ran through the incision site, in the man's thigh, up his body and into his heart. A specialist completes this procedure by inserting a metal wire and using this wire like a guide to insert the tools necessary to complete the procedure.

Unfortunately, the doctor failed to remove this guide wire when the procedure was complete.  

Victim files medical malpractice suit, takes doctor to court

The patient has sued the surgeon for negligence. The doctor is fighting the allegations.

The doctor has stated that the failure was not his. Instead, he contends another medical professional was responsible for the removal. The patient alleged the physician is required to pay careful attention and ultimately bears responsibility for his injuries.

The case is ongoing.

Surgical error cases, evidence is needed

These cases can require a large amount of evidence. In addition to scans and tests to confirm the error occurred, courts also require the patient bring in other medical professionals to provide expert testimony. The victim will then use this testimony to establish the doctor failed to meet the accepted standard of care.

Those who suffer similar injuries will need to gather this type of evidence. An attorney experienced in these claims can help.

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