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Parents claim doctor's failure to intervene led to birth injury

Medical care during labor and delivery can make the difference between a challenging, yet successful delivery and a lifetime of battling medical challenges when the attending staff fail to provide needed intervention. A recent case provides an example.

Failure to intervene after infant's heart rate wavers leads to serious birth injuries

The case began when the mother's membranes ruptured seven days before her due date. She and her husband rushed to the hospital and staff admitted the mother to the labor and delivery unit. After a relatively uneventful pregnancy, they were looking forward to welcoming their son to their family.

Unfortunately, the labor and delivery did not go as planned. The medical staff administered multiple doses of Pitocin to encourage the labor to progress. The infant's heart rate fluctuated throughout the process, with periods where the heart rate was below baseline. According to evidence presented in the case, at one point the baby's heart rate was below baseline for nine minutes.

According to the parents, at no point did the medical staff discuss cesarean delivery. At no point was intervention encouraged. As a result, the infant suffered serious injuries due to lack of oxygen during the birthing process. Shortly after birth, doctors diagnosed the infant with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and microcephaly along with a host of other medical challenges.

The parents contend that timely intervention would have saved their son from his injury.

Parents in similar situations have options, legal remedies

Parents that find themselves caring for a child who was injured after a difficult labor and delivery will likely have high medical bills and additional costs to help care for the child. These costs can include the need to purchase medical devices or remodel the family home to make it more conducive to your child's needs. In some cases, a medical malpractice claim can result in the funds needed to cover these expenses. An attorney experienced in these claims can review your case and discuss your options.

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