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Early lung cancer detection crucial for survival

No one ever wants to hear that they have cancer. Yet, most would like to know as soon as possible so that they could receive treatment. Survival rates are far better for lung cancer patients in the early stages, yet doctors only diagnose roughly one-eighth of all lung cancer cases before the disease spreads to other parts of the body.

Clearly, early detection is especially important when it comes to lung cancer. Yet, doctors often make diagnoses after the disease’s most treatable stages. Why is this? There is one possible reason.

Diseases that mimic lung cancer symptoms

One issue is that other diseases share common symptoms with lung cancer. Typically, non-life-threatening conditions like asthma and acid reflux are two of them, and patients may brush off their symptoms thinking that they’re dealing with something less serious than lung cancer.

Other times, more serious conditions like pneumonia or tuberculosis share symptoms with lung cancer as well. The best way to know whether you have lung cancer is a CT scan. If your treatment doesn’t clear your symptoms up within a week, seeking a second opinion could be a life-saving decision.

Dont ignore symptoms or let your doctor overlook them

Diagnosing lung cancer can be difficult because of the other diseases it shares common traits with. Regardless, it’s your doctor’s job to decipher what the root of the issue is. Doctors could save thousands of lives each year with early detection before the disease can spread to the rest of the body. A physician who disregards or misdiagnoses your lung cancer symptoms may be in breach of their duty of care.

It’s best to communicate your symptoms with your doctor and keep a log of your symptoms, when they began and how frequently things like a nagging cough occur. Lung cancer is treatable, especially when detected in time and that’s why you need an accurate, on-time diagnosis.

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