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One hospital provides three examples of medical malpractice

The need for medical care can come at any point in life. We, as patients and those who support loved ones who need medical care, expect quality care. We do not expect negligent and reckless actions by medical professionals to result in injuries. When this is the case, a medical malpractice case could exist.

Why should I consider a medical malpractice case?

For two reasons. First, it is important to hold those who fail to provide quality care to patients accountable for their wrongdoing. The injury could result in additional medical care costs. Costs that the injured party should not have to bear. A medical malpractice case can better ensure the responsible party covers those expenses.

Second, a med mal case can help to better ensure quality care for others. A successful case can lead to deterrence and push other medical professionals to do their best for their patients.

How do I hold the responsible party accountable for the injury?

There are many types of med mal claims. A single facility provides three different examples of what can go wrong:

  • Example #1: Wrong drug. This type of medical malpractice case involves allegations a medical professional provided the wrong medication which led to an injury in the patient. Injuries can be severe. A recent example involves a nurse who was indicted for reckless homicide when a patient was left brain dead after given the wrong medication.
  • Example #2: Procedure error. This case involved an error while placing a central line. The physician tasked with this procedure penetrated the patient’s carotid artery instead of the jugular vein. Not only did the physican fail to properly perform the procedure, but the physician also failed to recognize the error. As a result, the patient died.
  • Example #3: Surgical error. The lawsuit alleges the surgeon operated on the wrong kidney. The patient’s urinary system was so damaged by the procedure that she will now require dialysis as well as additional surgical procedures to fix the error. The patient has filed a medical malpractice suit and is seeking over $25 million in damages.

Victims of any one of these types of mistakes will likely have a medical malpractice claim. 

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