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How do infants break their collarbones during delivery?

You place a great deal of trust in the person you choose to deliver your child. Whether it is your first child or your fourth, you entrust your life and the life of your unborn child to this person. The person you choose should be knowledgeable and experienced to deliver your child with as few complications as possible.

One way to prevent birth injuries like broken infant collarbones is to identify risk factors ahead of time. Infants are susceptible to broken bones, but some may be preventable.

Risk factors

There are characteristics of both the mother and her baby that can increase the child's risk for a broken collarbone.

A larger infant whose shoulder gets stuck during delivery, a mother whose pelvis is too narrow, and the use of delivery-assisting tools during the birth increase the infant's risk for a broken collarbone.

When to suspect a broken collarbone

You may recognize a broken collarbone if your newborn child seems pained when lifted under the arms or is favoring one arm over the other. It's also possible to look for bumps along the collarbone that make the joint appear asymmetrical. The medical team will need to perform an x-ray or ultrasound on your child to confirm the break.

Broken collarbones typically heal within two months, but your newborn child may need surgery if it does not heal right. It is also possible for the child's shoulder nerves to become damaged by the break, leaving them with indefinite damage.

Doctors can sometimes identify risk factors in advance

A physician should recognize the risk factors for collarbone fractures in advance so they can find an alternative solution. Identifying potentially risky births can help prevent undue pain to both the mother and the child, as well as any possible long-term effects

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