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How can quadriplegia result from medical malpractice?

Quadriplegia is a seriously debilitating condition characterized by loss of sensation and function in all four limbs and the torso. It affects every area of an individual’s life as the individual will need medical and motor assistance to perform almost any basic task. Quadriplegia also greatly affects the mental and emotional wellbeing of patients. The loss of freedom can be devastating.

It would be even more tragic, however, if the paralysis resulted not from brain or spinal injury—the most common cause—but from doctor error. Sadly, this does happen. When it does, it is medical malpractice and actionable by law.

As previously stated, the most common cause of quadriplegia is a direct brain or spinal injury affecting the C1 through C7 vertebrae. The higher the injury, the higher the disability ranges on the body. But what if you didn’t have a major injury? Or signs point to another cause?

What doctor errors could result in quadriplegia?

  • There are several medical conditions that can lead to quadriplegia, including multiple sclerosis and ALS. The failure to diagnose, treat and manage a medical condition with a high risk of quadriplegia can lead to the condition.
  • Neglect or incorrect treatment of a spinal injury can result in quadriplegia.
  • If an individual experiences a lack of oxygen to the brain in an unrelated procedure, quadriplegia can develop.
  • A blood clot causing spinal cord pressure, which may have developed during an unrelated procedure, can also cause the condition.

Quadriplegia is a grave medical condition and, if the fault lies with a physician or hospital, the person who develops the condition has every right to sue for damages. Medical malpractice is a complex area of the law, necessitating expert witnesses and scientific evidence. An experienced lawyer can provide guidance through the process of pursuing justice, either for yourself or an affected family member.

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