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September is Hydrocephalus awareness month: 4 FAQs

Hydrocephalus is a relatively common birth defect. Medical professionals diagnose over 1 million Americans with the disorder, and yet the public knows little about hydrocephalus. In an effort to increase awareness, and hopefully lead to an increase in research funds, the Hydrocephalus Association has dedicated the month of September as Hydrocephalus Awareness month.

Doctors discourage c-section, baby suffers brain damage

It all began when doctors told a mother her high blood pressure from preeclampsia would result in either brain damage or the death of her baby. Based on this information and guidance from her physicians, the mother chose not to have a cesarean section. As a result, the mother underwent a long and difficult labor and delivery. During the traditional delivery, the infant did not receive the oxygen she needed and suffered brain damage. This contributed to the development of cerebral palsy.

Parents claim doctor's failure to intervene led to birth injury

Medical care during labor and delivery can make the difference between a challenging, yet successful delivery and a lifetime of battling medical challenges when the attending staff fail to provide needed intervention. A recent case provides an example.

Investigation looks into triggers for preterm birth

Obstetricians, neonatologists, geneticists, immunologists and bioengineers are just a sampling of the specialists from Stanford that have been working together over the last ten years to determine the basic causes of preterm birth. The goal of the study: identify and reduce the risk of preterm birth.

Study finds head circumference better gauge for C-section

Women who receive prenatal care expect their physician to watch for potential issues as their pregnancy progresses. This can include monitoring development of the fetus for triggers that may indicate the need for a cesarean section delivery (C-section) as opposed to traditional vaginal birth. A recent study found that physicians would be able to better predict the need for a C-section by using the fetus' head circumference, as opposed to estimated birthweight, to guide this decision.

New study calls doctors to reduce maternal mortality rate in US

The United States is progressive in many areas but continues to lack the ability to provide quality medical care for pregnant women. Women in the U.S. are more likely to suffer fatal complications resulting from pregnancy, labor and delivery than any other high-income country.

What is uterine rupture?

A uterine rupture occurs when there is tearing within the uterus, usually during labor. It can result in the fetus entering the mother's abdominal cavity. This catastrophic complication can result in the death of infant and mother.

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