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One hospital provides three examples of medical malpractice

The need for medical care can come at any point in life. We, as patients and those who support loved ones who need medical care, expect quality care. We do not expect negligent and reckless actions by medical professionals to result in injuries. When this is the case, a medical malpractice case could exist.

Medical malpractice in Arizona: FAQs

Physicians spend years getting training to help treat medical conditions and injuries. In most cases, a visit to the doctor is a step towards bettering one’s health. However, in some cases, a mistake at the doctor’s office, in the hospital, clinic or other medical setting can result in more damage. Those who find themselves navigating an injury may have questions about medical malpractice claims.

Study: Colorectal cancer misdiagnosis rates in young patients

Medical professionals generally associate colorectal cancer as a disease most likely in older members of the population. This serious disease often presents with symptoms like diarrhea or constipation, bloody stools, gas, cramps, fatigue and unexplained weight loss. Patients presenting with these symptoms may require additional testing to determine if cancer is present. This can include a colonoscopy.

Young women and heart attacks: 3 things to know about SCAD

A relatively young and healthy woman is unlikely to be concerned about suffering from a heart attack. She may not think to see a doctor if she experiences unexpected chest pain. If this pain leads her to go in to the Emergency Department (ED), she may agree when a doctor writes it off as stress or heartburn.

Women remain at heightened risk of misdiagnosed heart attack

Over 50 percent of women state that when they sought medical care based on the belief they were experiencing a heart attack, their medical care provider falsely stated their symptoms were not connected to a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction. Instead, the physician was more likely to point to a different concern such as acid reflux.

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