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Surgical Errors Archives

Pathologist error injures two patients

One of the jobs of a pathologist is to review and test samples sent to the lab to aid in diagnosis of various illnesses. In some cases, the specimens include tissue samples flagged for potential cancer. An error in the diagnosis can lead to serious harm. A case provides an example of how a single error led to the injury of two patients.

4ft of wire left in patient's body found ten years after surgery

A patient recently found over four feet of wire left in his body after a surgical procedure that he received over ten years ago. The patient received an angioplasty in 2005 and the surgeon failed to remove everything used during the procedure.

Spinal surgeon injures patients, faces prison time

Spinal cord injuries are not uncommon. The medical professionals with Johns Hopkins Medicine report an estimated 12,000 new spinal cord injuries every year, noting this form of injury is the most common cause of permanent disability in children and adults in the United States.

Study reveals risk for complications after noncardiac surgery

Arizona residents who have been hospitalized for noncardiac surgery will want to know about a new study that points out a certain risk. According to the data, those who undergo noncardiac surgery may develop complications that lead to heart attack, stroke or death.

Healthcare providers liable for artificial intelligence mistakes

Many Arizona patients trust their doctors and healthcare professionals when they need medical care or surgery. As technology continues to advance, more tools, including machines, are becoming available to assist in surgeries and other procedures. However, there are questions arising over who is legally responsible when machines or other technology results in a misdiagnosis or other harm.

When durotomy leads to a malpractice claim

Arizona residents should know that durotomy, a condition where the outer membrane of the spinal cord is torn, is a common and sometimes unavoidable side effect of spinal surgery. Most of the time, surgeons will recognize the issue and repair it during the surgery. However, the dural tears sometimes go unnoticed or reopen after surgery. The complications resulting from this can prompt many patients to file medical malpractice claims.

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