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Can art therapy help a person recover from a brain injury?

The most important part of any medical recovery after a traumatic brain injury happens during the immediate days, weeks and months following the accident. However, what happens after someone has stabilized and is now dealing with the permanent effects of disability, emotional challenges, cognitive difficulties and memory challenges? Is there still room for improvement?

A minor brain injury can stop your career in its tracks

Your ability to provide for yourself and for those who depend on you relies on your ability to make the most of your skills, judgement and mental abilities. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that even a small blow to the head can produce symptoms that may affect all of these areas, potentially ruining your career and jeopardizing your ability to find work elsewhere.

Many factors can cause brain injuries in newborns

Roughly one in 1,000 full-term babies born in the United States suffer a brain injury, according to a new report by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Brain injuries in newborns can cause life-long damage and complications. Brain injuries at birth can cause cerebral palsy and other disabilities that can impact the rest of the baby's life. 

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