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Arizona patients need better pre-surgery information

According to research done by Gallup, the more information that a patient had before a surgery, the better the outcome was for the patient. Patients were asked if they knew what to expect after surgery, if they were prepared for their post-surgery experience and if they followed directions given to them after the surgery. Those who were better prepared felt better about the procedure and reported fewer problems after the procedure took place.

Unsterile intravenous fluid given to 40 hospital patients

Residents of Arizona may be interested to learn that at least 40 patients were recently administered a wrong intravenous fluid at hospitals in seven states. Though one of the patients died thereafter and several became ill, doctors have expressed uncertainty as to whether the cause of death was the mistaken intravenous fluid or not. In response to the incident, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a reminder to health care providers warning them to carefully check fluid bag labels before use.

An overview of wrong-site surgery

Arizona residents may be aware that reported cases of wrong-site surgery have been on the increase in recent years. Since the 1999 publication of a study by the Institute of Medicine about surgical errors, reports of wrong-site surgeries have increased more than tenfold. Although it is uncertain whether the increase is due to a greater number of errors, improvements in reporting or combinations of factors, individuals who have been negatively impacted by surgical errors have the option to seek legal redress for their injuries.

New black box device has potential to prevent surgical errors

Arizona residents and patients may be interested in a new device designed to prevent errors in hospital operating rooms. The device, referred to as a surgical black box, is currently under development at a Toronto hospital. It consists of cameras and microphones linked to a software package that records and analyzes every movement during a surgical procedure with the intended goal of being able to detect and eliminate potential errors.

Factors to consider when filing a malpractice case in Arizona

For a doctor, settling a malpractice case is not an easy decision to make, according to a recent piece providing perspective from the other side of the docket. While settling a case provides for a resolution to a potentially embarrassing situation, a settlement may also have to be reported to medical boards and to the hospital where the doctor works. This could lead to further review and investigation by employers and other peers into the matter. For this reason, doctors who are sure that their actions are defensible might press for a trial over a settlement. This suggests that patients pursuing a malpractice claim who are pressured to settle early might do well to consider going to trial or hold out for a larger settlement instead, depending on their lawyers' counsel.

Health care facilities and pharmaceutical companies can be sued

Most Arizona patients trust their health care providers, whether they are doctors, surgeons, nurses and even pharmaceutical companies, to take care of all of their medical needs. However, mistakes that can cause severe injury or even death are sometimes made. If something goes wrong and a disorder or disease is not diagnosed, is misdiagnosed or is not properly treated, an injured patient may be able to file a lawsuit against those who were involved in his or her care.

Surgical mistake results in lawsuit

Arizona surgical patients might have heard of a woman who went to a Southern California hospital for a hysterectomy in 2007. After the surgery, the woman left the hospital only to return three days later with abdominal issues. The hospital took an X-ray and diagnosed her with severe constipation before sending her home. However, this did not solve the woman's problem.

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