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Inducing labor could prevent birth injuries to large babies

According to a European study, some pregnant women with exceptionally large babies could benefit from labor induction. Arizona mothers might be interested to learn that doing this could reduce the risk of the babies' shoulders becoming stuck during birth, a condition called shoulder dystocia. This occurs when the head of the baby comes out but one or both of the shoulders become lodged behind the pelvic bone of the mother. This prevents the remainder of the baby from emerging and puts them at risk of suffering spinal nerve damage, suffocation and bone fractures. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports that this condition happens in approximately 1 percent of births that involve babies of normal weight but in approximately 10 percent of births with oversized infants.

Premature labor in Florida pregnancies

Women around the country experience premature labor in about 12 percent of all pregnancies. This type of labor is defined as going into labor prior to the 37th week of pregnancy, and increases the risk of potential health and neurological problems if it occurs between the 20th and 32nd weeks. Seeking medical attention for contractions occurring more than five times in one hour is important to ensure proper diagnosis and care.

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