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Arizona doctors may be ordering unnecessary tests

A survey taken of 435 emergency room physicians nationwide reveals that 97 percent of all the surveyed doctors say that they have ordered medically unnecessary tests to prevent malpractice lawsuits. These tests affect patients from Arizona and around the nation. Unnecessary tests often return "false positives" that lead to more expensive treatments for illnesses patients may not actually have or reveal undiagnosed illnesses that have yet to emerge and have no impact on the patient's present life.

Pursuing civil action after malpractice

Many residents of Arizona are likely to require medical care or surgery at some point in their life. When events are unforeseen and lead to the unexpected injury or death of an individual, doctor error may be to blame. While medical facilities have several sanctions in place to avoid such accidents, you or your loved ones may aim to seek legal redress against negligent health care professionals.

Common Doctor Errors

The Arizona Medical Board categorizes the complaints they receive into four different groups. The moral and ethical category includes sexual misconduct with a patient, fraudulent billing, violating prescribing statutes and the like. Legal errors include complaints that violate the law but do not necessarily endanger patients. Most doctor errors known to the board fall under standard of care, and substance abuse, psychiatric impairment and behavioral disorders fall into the fourth category.

Doctors and others ask for harm reports

A group of doctors, professors and other healthcare advocates are calling for tracking and adequate reporting of preventable harms and deaths of patients in hospitals in Arizona and across the United States. According to a professor of public health at Harvard, patient safety has not improved since an Institute of Medicine report called for reforms to prevent patient deaths due to medical error. That report was issued 15 years ago. Many of the experts who have testified before congress have said that part of the problem is the fact that medical providers fail to do an adequate job of tracking harm.

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