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Medical negligence and paralysis: 4 common legal claims

Quadriplegia is not a typical surgical outcome. In most cases, patients who undergo spinal surgery and experience paralysis as a result of the procedure are victims of adverse events. As such, these patients may be eligible for compensation to help cover the costs associated with the injury through a medical malpractice claim.

Meningitis can be difficult to diagnose

Many Arizona residents who experience symptoms such as a fever, headache and stiff neck simply assume they've contracted the latest strain of flu bug that's going around. If a doctor makes the same assumption without further checks, the results could be deadly. Some forms of meningitis exhibit those identical signs, but there are tests to help make the proper diagnosis.

Doctor errors twice as likely for burned-out physicians

Patients in Arizona hospitals may have more to be concerned about when their doctors are burned out on the job. Unfortunately, a national survey suggests that over half of practicing physicians in American are burned out. One study of almost 6,700 doctors at clinics and hospitals found that these burned-out doctors are more likely to make medical errors when treating their patients. The study looked at workplace burnout, fatigue and depression among medical professionals and how these issues might affect treatment and workplace safety.

5 malpractice lawsuits target dancing plastic surgery doctor

Patients in Arizona expect their doctors to take surgery seriously, but a surgeon dubbed by the media as the dancing doctor viewed surgeries as a chance to perform. Multiple videos on her YouTube channel showed and her surgical assistants dancing. The doctor posed over patients' exposed bodies and sang along with popular songs or made up her own lyrics. Five malpractice lawsuits are pending against her, but she continues to practice medicine.

Diagnostic errors are costly and dangerous

While many Arizona patients turn to their physicians for important insights and treatment decisions to improve their health, doctor errors can present a significant risk to a patient's well-being. Doctors often have an aura of genius and confidence, and many patients may be unaware of the potential for mistakes in any physician's practice. Diagnostic issues can be one of the most important types of mistake a doctor can make, especially when the diagnosis of a progressive disease like cancer is missed or delayed.

Unauthorized HIV disclosure and medical malpractice

Doctor errors and mistakes can have a serious impact on the treatment and well-being of patients in Arizona and across the country. This can be the case whether the error in question is a surgical mistake, a misdiagnosis or an unlawful disclosure of a patient's health status. Despite the serious effects of medical malpractice that can stretch over the long term, there is a statute of limitations that restricts the period of time in which injured patients can file a claim.

Getting a mitochondrial disease diagnosis

Mitochondria are intercellular pockets that create over 90 percent body's energy. A projected 75,000 people living in Arizona and the rest of the United States have genetic conditions that stem from mitochondria failures. The results of new study show that people who receive their diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, which is a genetic disorder, endure a difficult and protracted time of misdiagnoses.

Misdiagnosis persists as leading cause of malpractice cases

People in Arizona rely on medical professionals to diagnose their problems accurately, but diagnostic errors represent the top cause of medical malpractice claims. A study conducted by a provider of malpractice services looked at over 10,600 medical malpractice claims between 2013 and 2017. The data analysis revealed that 33 percent of cases arose from diagnostic mistakes.

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