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State medical boards fail to consult problem doctor database

State medical boards in Arizona and across the country have access to a federal database that tracks actions taken against doctors. However, few state medical boards take advantage of the database maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to record malpractice payments and medical board disciplinary action.

Preventing the misdiagnosis of cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection that's difficult for Arizona doctors to diagnose. The only evidence that doctors can go by is the look of the affected area (red skin that's tender) and the symptoms that the patient reports. There is another condition called pseudocellulitis because it mimics the symptoms of cellulitis. All too often, doctors mistake one for the other.

Hospital and surgeon sued for nude photos of surgical patient

Any person undergoing surgery in Arizona places a huge amount of trust in the medical staff. A lawsuit filed by a woman in another part of the country reveals the trauma that a medical staff's poor judgment can inflict on a patient. A woman alleges in her legal claim that people took and shared nude photos of her while on the operating table for hernia surgery. She had worked at the hospital previously and knew staff members. Her lawsuit named the surgeon, the hospital and its chief executive officer as responsible for invasion of privacy and medical malpractice.

Medical mistakes that could be harmful

There are a number of mistakes that medical professionals might make that could harm Arizona patients. In one case, doctors nearly operated on the wrong patient who had the same name as the patient needing surgery. A surgery can also go wrong if a surgeon operates on the right patient but the wrong site or if a foreign object is left in the patient.

Even doctors can make mistakes

As many as 12 million patients in Arizona and throughout America are misdiagnosed every year. This is according to the Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence at Johns Hopkins. Roughly a quarter of a million people die from a medical error each year. Mistakes may include misdiagnoses, diagnoses that come too late or doctors prescribing the wrong type of treatment.

Doctors aren't always perfect

Many people assume that doctors are geniuses and that they rarely make mistakes. However, this is not always the case. When an Arizona doctor does make a mistake, it could have a profound impact on both the patient and the physician. Part of being a doctor is having the confidence to make the right call with every patient, and making a mistake may be akin to admitting failure.

Disclosure without patient consent may be malpractice

Doctors in Arizona owe their patients the duty of providing the type of care that other doctors in their fields would provide under similar circumstances. In addition, doctors also have a duty of confidentiality to their patients concerning their diagnostic information. In a case in New Jersey, a court found that a doctor's violation of his duty of confidentiality was a type of medical malpractice.

Diagnostic failures and delays may be fatal

When Arizona patients are suffering from some types of medical conditions, timely diagnoses may be vital for their chances of recovery. Unfortunately, a correct diagnosis may be delayed because of medical errors that are made by doctors. If you have suffered from a delayed diagnosis and have developed a worsened condition with a poorer prognosis as a result, you may have the legal basis for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

3 signs of a pulmonary embolism that can't be missed

A sudden sharp pain in your chest surprised you, and then you realized you couldn't take a deep breath without the pain getting worse. You begin to feel anxious, but you think you might just have a pulled muscle. After friends urge you to do so, you head to the hospital. They think you might be suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

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