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Health officials call for disclosure of hospital inspections

Arizona patients and their family members only have limited access to information about inspections at hospitals, especially investigations of medical errors. Private accreditation companies perform inspections at close to 90 percent of U.S. hospitals instead of state or federal government officials. Proposed regulations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services call for the release of confidential reports prepared by private accreditors.

Skilled workers could be cause of hospital errors

Arizona hospital patients will of course want a skilled professional working to help them. However, a study by two researchers from Michigan State University indicates that skilled individuals may be more prone to error than less skilled individuals when they are interrupted. The reason for this appears to be that skilled workers perform tasks faster than other individuals.

Hospitals must do more to prevent error-related deaths

Preventable medical errors are a major problem in hospitals in Arizona and across the United States, according to many studies. In fact, three reports concluded that hospital negligence causes the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans each year as well as a countless number of noon-fatal injuries.

"Dead in bed" malpractice cases on the rise

Arizona families who have had a loved one die while they were hospitalized may be interested to learn that there has been a sharp increase in medical malpractice lawsuits surrounding patients who have been found dead under similar circumstances. In these cases, the patients had undergone a successful surgery and then suddenly died as they were recovering.

Open heart surgery patients may have been exposed to infection

Modern medicine saves numerous lives, but sometimes the equipment, personnel and other factors severely injure and even kill the patients it was supposed to save. One newly discovered problem arises from equipment used in open heart surgical procedures.

Helping medical malpractice victims pursue compensation

If you suspect that something went wrong while you or a family member were being treated at an Arizona hospital, it may be wise to seek legal guidance. Even if you don't know for certain that a health care provider committed medical malpractice, an attorney could offer helpful advice. Getting in touch with our legal team at the Law Offices of Raymond J. Slomski, P.C. could help you to get to the bottom of what happened during your treatment.

Some veterans still waiting six months or longer for treatment

Some veterans in Arizona are still waiting six months or longer for medical treatment two years after whistleblowers working at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs office reported that senior executives routinely ordered medical staff to cancel appointments. Investigators were unable to prove these allegations, but a report released by the VA Office of Inspector General on Oct. 4 reveals that bureaucratic mix-ups are still widespread and likely cost at least one veteran his life.

Proving medical malpractice claims

When Arizona residents go to their doctors or to the hospital, they generally do so with the expectation that the care they will receive will help them. Unfortunately, medical professionals sometimes make errors that result in patients being seriously injured or even dying. If you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury, a worsened condition or died after medical treatment, you might wonder if it was caused by medical malpractice.

Medical errors and a new EMR analysis tool

Arizona patients should be aware of a new EMR analysis tool that could drastically reduce the occurrence of medical errors during patient handoffs. The time at which hospital workers change shifts poses a heightened risk for medical errors since important patient information is sometimes lost from one shift to the next. How medical professionals communicate when changing shifts is a major factor in the likelihood of medical errors. Shift changes, or handoffs, present a variety of opportunities for dangerous or even fatal mistakes to be made.

Hundreds of dialysis patients at risk for hepatitis B

Patients in Arizona hospitals that require dialysis must rely on health care staff to keep the process sanitary. If there is a mistake during one step of the procedure, it could result in a dialysis patient being exposed to an infection. Recently, a hospital in Seattle had to warn around 650 dialysis patients that they might have been exposed to hepatitis B.

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