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Medical errors caused by U.S. hospitals

Arizona patients may be aware of the risk of adverse effects that can occur from being admitted to a hospital. According to statistics, approximately 4 percent of hospitalized patients eventually develop a hospital-acquired infection that could be resistant to antibiotics. These adverse events claim about 23,000 lives each year. Overall, preventable errors at hospitals kill about 400,000 people annually.

Reducing the potential for medical malpractice litigation

Health care providers can create problems for themselves when they ignore the basic needs and rights of their patients. A selfie with an unconscious patient, for example, is probably contrary to the privacy rights of that person. Such an invasion of privacy could become even more serious if the patient has a negative outcome. Arizona residents may remember that Joan Rivers' death during a routine procedure included such a scenario. At least one physician took a photo with the patient after she was unconscious.

Issues with electronic health records in Arizona

The idea behind electronic health records, or EHRs, was that patient files would be more complete and easily accessible. However, the reality is that there have been a number of unexpected consequences, and their implementation may actually be reducing the quality of patient care. Issues have become so common and severe that many malpractice suits are now being filed against providers based in part on the improper use of EHRs.

Hospital patients may receive unequal treatment

As Arizona residents may have heard, a recently-published book alleges that some hospitals in the United States favor influential patients. The book claims that wealthy individuals may receive special treatment. In addition, the author postulates that being hospitalized in mid-summer may be less than advantageous and possibly risky.

Preparing for a medical malpractice case

Patients in Arizona might benefit from learning more about some of the documentation required for successfully bringing a medical malpractice case to court. In order to gain an accurate perspective, injured patients should be aware of which documents to collect before conferring with legal counsel. Some of the documents patients are advised to gather are those related to the claim, including any documentation received from the defendant, evidence of lost wages and invoices from the medical provider.

Unsterile intravenous fluid given to 40 hospital patients

Residents of Arizona may be interested to learn that at least 40 patients were recently administered a wrong intravenous fluid at hospitals in seven states. Though one of the patients died thereafter and several became ill, doctors have expressed uncertainty as to whether the cause of death was the mistaken intravenous fluid or not. In response to the incident, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a reminder to health care providers warning them to carefully check fluid bag labels before use.

Some hospitals struggle to stamp out serious infections

According to a recent analysis conducted by Kaiser Health News, Arizona is one of 13 states where at least a quarter of the hospitals showed a high infection rate for at least one type of infection tracked by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Altogether, the CDC monitors six different categories of infections that may spread in hospitals, including infections from bladder catheters, infections from antibiotic-resistant germs and infections from flexible tubes that deliver nutrients or medicines into veins.

Change in how hospital errors are reported

Arizona residents may be unaware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has changed how it reports hospital errors. These are also known as hospital avoidable conditions or HACs. The CMS claims its new method of reporting results in greater accuracy, but patient advocates have expressed concern about individuals' abilities to access potentially important information.

Health care facilities and pharmaceutical companies can be sued

Most Arizona patients trust their health care providers, whether they are doctors, surgeons, nurses and even pharmaceutical companies, to take care of all of their medical needs. However, mistakes that can cause severe injury or even death are sometimes made. If something goes wrong and a disorder or disease is not diagnosed, is misdiagnosed or is not properly treated, an injured patient may be able to file a lawsuit against those who were involved in his or her care.

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